Our Commitment to Clean Energy


Protecting the environment in the communities National Grid serves is paramount. We are committed to the development and operation of safe, reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure to meet the needs of our customers and communities. One of the ways we achieve this is to protect and enhance the environment, always seeking new and innovative ways to lessen the environmental impact of our past, present and future projects.

As one of the region’s largest energy companies, National Grid plays a vital role in connecting millions of people to the energy they use. We take the climate change challenge to heart, believing in the science, and developing an approach that will propel our region forward with greater greenhouse gas emission reductions. This approach includes taking action across the three dominant sectors of combustion-related CO2 emissions: electricity, transportation, and heat. We are committed to helping our jurisdictions across the Northeast achieve their climate goals, reduce air pollution, and support vital 21st century job growth. We believe this will require three big shifts in our energy systems by 2030:

• Accelerating the zero-carbon electricity transition
• A transformation of the transport sector
• A transformation of the heat sector (learn how GrowthPoint supports this goal)

Beyond 2030, there will be a need for deeper and more sustained technological energy innovation, coupled with increasingly ambitious policy action. National Grid is well-positioned and committed to facilitating all parts of the transition – from infrastructure to grid intelligence, from energy efficiency deployment to renewable energy integration, and from EV charging to cleaner home heating options. But National Grid cannot do it alone. Active customer engagement and comprehensive policy and regulatory frameworks will be necessary to guide the economy-wide transformation.

To learn more about National Grid’s commitment to the clean energy transition and decarbonization, visit our Northeast 80 x 50 Pathway.

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