Need and Benefit


Natural gas is in demand as a preferred fuel source for residential, commercial and industrial users across Rhode Island. GrowthPoint will supplement National Grid’s existing natural gas system to help meet current demand and future planned residential and business growth in Southern Rhode Island.

Construction of the project, and the resulting availability of natural gas as a fuel source for residential and commercial customers, is expected to provide the following benefits:

  • An estimated energy savings of $1,100 annually for residential customers (versus oil heat; 2018)
  • Construction is expected to generate more than 400 job years (“job year” = one job for one year; one job for two years = “two job years”)
  • Spending on construction will raise RI Gross State Product by $29 million, real personal income by $22.4 million, and state tax revenues by $1.4 million
  • Resulting economic development is projected to produce 2,248 technical and manufacturing jobs along with 600+ currently-planned residential units
  • Projected oil-to-gas conversions will potentially reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 1,470 tons annually, while the anticipated installation of natural gas heating systems in new dwellings (vs. oil) will yield an additional reduction of 1,176 tons annually

As National Grid continues to transform its electric and natural gas infrastructure to support smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions we are also committed to the continued safe, reliable, affordable delivery of electricity and natural gas to our customers.  GrowthPoint will help us meet those objectives.

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